The great pregnancy detox


Pollution, pesticides, and a host of chemicals—let’s count these among the items to ditch during pregnancy. Throughout our daily lives, we come into contact with a world of toxins that may have adverse effects on our health—not to mention that of our unborn children. Take your pregnancy as the perfect opportunity to clean up your act with simple and sustainable moves even the laziest among us can stick to. Here’s how:

Lemon power

As soon as your feet hit the floor in the morning, start sipping on a glass of water with lemon. Supporting a growing baby and the accompanying fluid supply requires a lot of water intake on your part – about 2.3 liters. So, not only will your body thank you for the extra hydration, but the lemon juice will support healthy digestion (goodbye, heartburn!) and works to detoxify the liver as well.

Fresh herbs

Fresh herbs such as cilantro and parsley not only add dimension and flavor to our dishes – but they’re thought to flush heavy metals from our bodies, too. Choose organic herbs and sprinkle them with abandon on everything from scrambled eggs to stir-fry.

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Whole foods

Take a break from processed, packaged foods and focus on eating a fresh, plant-based diet. Colorful, affordable, and rich in nutrients beneficial to baby, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are the key to detoxing your body. Kick your diet up a notch by making a point to eat more sulfur-heavy foods, such as eggs, cabbage, and legumes. Sulfur may aid your liver in flushing toxins out of your body.


The ultimate indulgence for a mother-to-be, a professional massage may seem like an unnecessary luxury—especially at a time when you’re focusing so much on your little one. But springing for a regular massage can have health benefits that extend to your baby too. Touch therapy reduces stress, boosts circulation and may help rid your body of toxins.

Breathe right

What’s good for your body, mind and baby? Deep breathing. Training yourself to breathe from your diaphragm helps oxygenate and revitalize every cell in your body. Try it with us! Place your hands on your stomach. Breathe deeply and slowly, feeling your belly fill beneath your hands. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

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