Is there a wrong time to announce your pregnancy?


A lot of women are so overjoyed to discover they're expecting that it's all they can do not to literally shout it from the rooftops. Others, however, may not be ready to tell their friends and family that they're pregnant right away. There's no right or wrong way to announce your pregnancy, but here are a few things to keep in mind.

First, many women prefer to wait until the end of their first trimester before announcing that they're expecting. Because the risk of miscarriage is relatively high during in the first couple months, keeping the news to yourself until the second trimester means you can grieve in privacy if something goes wrong. And when you do start sharing with others, you can relax knowing that your pregnancy is most likely safe and ready to progress until delivery.

When you're ready to let everyone know that you're pregnant, how should you go about it? There are a million creative ways to let everyone know that your family will soon have a new addition. Some women like to invite friends to a party to share in the joy, while others might send a card to family and friends that includes the picture of a sonogram. Others simply make a Facebook status update! 

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