Three great things about being pregnant


Being pregnant isn't always easy, but it certainly comes with its perks! No matter how many questions you have about your pregnancy – What can I eat? Does this mean no more alcohol or caffeine? How will I make it through labor? – there are a lot of reasons to smile about being pregnant with a child, and not just because you'll get to hold your baby in nine months. Here are three great perks about being an expectant mom.

1. You can eat and not feel guilty. Like most gals, you've probably watched your candy intake and tried to cool it with fried foods. But now that you're pregnant, doctors are literally telling you to gain weight! Of course, if you want to get back in shape once the baby is born, you'll have to make sure that you're still active and getting plenty of nutrients. But if you want a second brownie after dinner, hey, nobody's stopping you – after all, pregnancy requires consuming an extra 300 calories a day.

2. You have an excuse to relax whenever possible.Growing another human being is a lot of work, so make sure your significant other knows he can chip in by taking out the trash, making dinner and picking up after the dog. 

3. You get to buy adorable outfits. Cute clothes while pregnant? You bet! Flowing dresses and billowing blouses will look spectacular over your pregnant figure, and maternity jeans are more like sweats than pants – in other words, they're super comfy! 

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