Three questions every pregnant woman wants answered


So you've just discovered you're pregnant – congratulations! But you're no doubt full of questions, some of which you may even be embarrassed to ask. Here, we'll answer the top three queries most frequently heard from newly pregnant women.

1. Will my sex life change? Some women are too shy to ask their doctors this question face-to-face, but don't worry, we'll answer it for you. Unless you've been given explicit instructions to the contrary, it's safe to continue to be intimate with your partner all the way through your pregnancy. You should only stop having sex if you want to.

2. How can I cure my morning sickness? Nausea and queasiness are the most common complaints of early pregnancy, and unfortunately there's typically nothing you can do to cure them completely. However, you can ease your discomfort by eating small meals throughout the day and snacking on crackers and ginger ale when nausea strikes. And don't worry – most women report that their morning sickness is completely gone by the second trimester.

3. Is giving birth going to hurt? The short answer: yes. Childbirth is painful, but any mother will tell you that the experience is absolutely worth it. If you're concerned about your ability to handle the pain, there are plenty of classes you can take to work on breathing and coping techniques on the big day. And don't worry – if you choose to use painkillers experts will be on-hand when the contractions begin. 

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