Three skills that pregnancy might actually improve


When discussing how pregnancy affects expectant moms, much of the popular discourse highlights the bothersome symptoms like nausea, back pain and swollen feet – but after nine months of carrying a child, several unexpected benefits may start to surface. Whether it's your lifestyle choices or your role at work, being pregnant can help give you an extra push in the right direction. Here are three skills that might improve over the course of your pregnancy.

Finally sticking to a fitness routine. The slow downfall of New Year's resolutions to hit the gym twice a week may have at one time been an annual tradition, but once you get the news that you're expecting your first child, somehow it's easier than ever to establish a routine and stick to it. After all, exercising is not only for your own benefit – it keeps another nascent, vulnerable life healthy as well.

Breaking bad habits. Although many women were unaware of the impact of cigarettes on unborn children decades ago, in this day and age, almost everyone knows about the dangers of smoking while expecting. Beyond the usual suspects of nicotine and alcohol, expectant moms may also have to break other unhealthy habits ranging from skipping breakfast to getting little sleep.

Multitasking at mom-speed. Pregnancy nearly always means moms will have to take maternity leave for a period of time, but expecting a child can prove to be a business boost as well. During pregnancy, many women start juggling more responsibilities than ever, including the emotional, physical and financial aspects of preparing for a child. Having hundreds of things to do at once often quickly becomes second nature, making challenges at work seem like a breeze in comparison.  

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