Three things doctors want you to do for yourself and your baby


Ever wondered what your prenatal doctor did while she was pregnant? Here are three pregnancy tips that doctors know – and want you to know, too.

1. Get a flu shot. Lots of women are wary about putting any kind of medication into their bodies while pregnant, from aspirin to vaccines. But experts agree that the flu shot is perfectly safe for women who are expecting. In fact, because pregnant women have depressed immune systems, it's actually crucial for them to protect themselves against seasonal bugs.

2. Don't think pregnancy is an excuse to eat whatever you want. Sure, you may be eating for two, but that doesn't mean you can enjoy all the chips, soda and cake you like. Eating healthy is especially important while you're pregnant, so while you can feel free to indulge in a few extra calories, you should make sure they're coming from things like whole grains, fruits and veggies, and lean meat.

3. Keep exercising! Gentle exercise isn't dangerous for your baby – in fact, it's good for both you and your little one. Try some low-impact exercises, like walking and swimming, to keep yourself in good shape and prepared for labor. 

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