Three things to know about your pregnant body


Do you know what happens to your body when you're pregnant? Sure, your belly will grow and you'll likely start to feel nauseous, but how much do you really know about what's going on? Here are three facts about what your body goes through during pregnancy.

1. You won't just gain weight in your tummy. No matter how fit you were before you got pregnant, you're going to put on weight as your baby grows – it's healthy and normal. Some of that weight may spread to areas that you're used to being trim, like your legs and chin. But don't fret – it'll melt off after your baby arrives as long as you eat healthy and get moderate exercise.

2. That pregnant belly won't go away right after the hard work of labor is through. After your baby is delivered, you won't immediately have your flat abs back. Your uterus can take up to four weeks to return to its pre-pregnancy size, and it can take even longer to work off that baby weight.

3. You have a mucus plug. It's not exactly pretty, but it keeps your cervix closed and protects your unborn baby from bacteria and infection. As your due date nears, your mucus plus may fall out – don't be alarmed, it's a natural part of the labor process for some women.

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