Three ways to relieve back pain during pregnancy


As your pregnancy progresses, the amount of weight you need to carry is increasing, but your frame is staying the same. All the strain of walking around with a baby in your belly can do a real number on your spine, and leave you aching at the end of the day. Aside from asking your partner for a nice, long massage, what can you do to help ease the discomfort? Here are a few tips.

1. Try a new sleeping position. If you're used to sleeping on your stomach or your back, you'll have to change positions once your belly starts growing if you plan to get any shut-eye at all. Try sleeping on your left side, since many women find that this is the most comfortable position for them in the later stages of pregnancy. You'll wake up feeling better and able to start the day on a positive note!

2. Lift things the right way. Even when the object you're picking up isn't especially heavy, squat down and lift up with your knees, instead of leaning over and straining the muscles in your back when you straighten up.

3. Fix that posture. Don't slouch – make sure your shoulders are relaxed and your back is straight whenever you're sitting. You'll be much more comfortable in this position, and after a few days of paying attention to your posture, a better stance will become second nature. Plus, it's a habit you can keep long after your pregnancy ends!

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