Our top 5 favorite gifts for Father’s Day


Perfect picks for dads and dads-to-be

As that old maxim goes, the best gifts come from the heart. To that, we’d like to add that it never hurts if said presents are also unique, fun, and multi-functional. Below we’ve compiled five of our favorite gift-giving options, perfectly suited to new and seasoned dads alike. The best part? Every one of these picks is something both dad and mom can enjoy.

So, from the man who seeks adventure, whether it’s hiking through the great outdoors or biking the neighborhood, to the guy who just needs a good night’s sleep, in spite of the family’s newest (and arguably loudest) addition—we have a pitch perfect present for you to give. Read on for our top picks for celebrating a great dad in your life this Father’s Day. 

Grand Trunk Hammock



Encourage dad to fall asleep beneath the stars with the one and only parachute nylon hammock from Grand Trunk. The perfect addition to your camping excursions, this hammock is lightweight, super durable, and folds up small for packing. These hammocks hold up to 400 pounds and we have yet to find a spilled liquid that doesn’t later wash out—making this model an ideal purchase for families with young kids. The Grand Trunk hammock is easy to set up, too: Use the rope starter kit included with your purchase or spring for the trunk straps for added stability. For the dad with a sense of style, Grand Trunk hammocks come in an array of patterns and colors.

Burley D’LITE Bike Trailer



Ready to splurge on dad? Consider the D’LITE Bike Trailer from Burley for a top-of-the-line cargo and child trailer. Sure, this model comes at a steep price, but with the right accessories the D’LITE is truly multi-purpose, transforming from bike trailer to stroller, jogger, and sled. The D’LITE holds two children up to 100 pounds, providing them comfortable padding, five-point harnesses, snack/toy pouches, reclining seats, and extra shoulder room. Worried about the weather? This trailer features water-resistant fabric, an adjustable sunshade, screens for airflow, and UPF 30 tinted windows to ensure the ultimate in comfort and safety for even the smallest passengers.




Know a dad who struggles to hit the hay after baby’s midnight feeding? The Dreampad relaxation pillow may coax him back to bed for a restful night’s sleep. Using Bluetooth technology, the Dreampad pumps in a series of soothing music and gentle vibrations only the user can hear and feel. On one hand the Dreampad looks and feels like a traditional pillow—only as you relax for the evening, it’s actively working to ease your stress and usher in sleep.

Behmor Connected Temp Control Coffee Maker



Got a newborn at home? Then there’s no sweeter gift than a smart coffee pot dad can control from the comfort of bed. Give him a fighting chance against sleep deprivation with the Behmor Connected Temp Control Coffee Maker. An included app for Android and iPhone allows for remote brewing, while a thermal carafe promises to keep up to eight cups of coffee piping hot until breakfast time.

Kiddy Adventure Pack



For the dad who loves adventuring with his little ones, the Adventure Pack from Kiddy offers plenty of comfort and versatility while toting extra cute cargo. This carrier is surprisingly lightweight, weighing in at 6.6 pounds. With a five-point harness that features three fit positions, the Adventure Pack is ready for a 5-month-old and 4-year-old alike. Dads will find ample soft padding (as a bonus, it’s removable and washable!), pockets and compartments galore, and a water bottle holder within easy arm’s reach. We love the integrated sun and rain canopy that can be zipped away or extended depending on the weather.

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