Top pregnancy fears – and why you shouldn’t worry


Although you’re undoubtedly excited about welcoming the new addition to your family, lots of moms-to-be are filled with anxiety about what awaits them postpartum. Here are some common pregnancy-related fears – and why you shouldn’t let them stress you out.

1. Your post-baby body will be fine. It’s normal to gain anywhere from 25 to 40 pounds during pregnancy, and as long as you’ve been eating healthy and staying active, you shouldn’t have any problem dropping the weight once the baby arrives. In fact, you’ll probably lose as many as 10 pounds just during delivery – and you’ll likely keep shedding the weight afterward.

2. You can handle the morning sickness. Nobody wants to be sick in public, but morning sickness can strike at any time – on the bus, in the office or even at your favorite restaurant. If you feel nausea coming on, just head to the bathroom – or grab a trash can – and explain your situation. Trust us, people will be understanding. They may even congratulate you. (Oh, and keep some mints on hand!)

3. You can still be intimate. Will your sex life have to grind to a halt once your belly starts to show? Not at all. Being intimate with your partner throughout your pregnancy is normal and healthy, and won’t cause any harm to unborn child.

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