Undercover Mama

Undercover Mama is one of those products that you stumble upon and say, “Hey, why didn’t I think of that?”  It’s a relatively simple concept that solves a real problem.  It helps you be more discreet while you nurse or pump by turning any nursing bra into a nursing shirt.  To attach, just pull Undercover Mama on like you would a tube top, attach it to your bra and voila – you have yourself a nursing shirt!  It’s easy to attach, with two different options to try.  For each side, you can pull the loop over your bra clasp or slide the hook into the space where the bra clasp attaches to the bra.  The loop is a little faster to attach, but the hook seems to stay in place better (the loop tends to slide down the bra a bit).  The shirt itself is very comfortable and comes in a variety of solid colors.  The material is soft and warm, which helps when you’re nursing in the winter or during a summer in San Francisco.  In addition, a nice benefit of the Undercover/nursing bra combo is that you get the cover of a nursing shirt with the padding and support of a real nursing bra.  A great product for any nursing mom!

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