Undercover Mama Nursing Tank


I found the perfect solution for turning any shirt into a nursing top. The Undercover Mama nursing tank is a slim fitting tunic that attaches to the hooks of any nursing bra, and instantly turns your bra into a nursing tank top for more coverage while feeding. It’s like a tank top without the straps. I wore this tank in off- white yesterday under a sweater, much like a camisole, and really liked how it fit snugly and added a layer of warmth, as well as more coverage for in-public nursing. The little hooks were easy to attach to my nursing bra, and similarly they were easy to un-attach for quick and easy nursing. You wouldn’t want to wear this tank on it’s own, as it is clear that the bra straps are not part of the shirt, and it looks a little bit awkward as a stand alone, but for wearing underneath a sweater or other over-shirt, this is a perfect nursing solution! I initially thought I would get more use of it in the summer, but as winter approaches and I start to wear more layers, I’m sure I’ll be wearing it more often underneath other heavier shirts. The Undercover Mama tank is a simple and convenient solution for on-the-go moms who want to wear their regular tops and sweaters while nursing.

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