The first of its kind: a *wearable* breast pump


Simple, discreet, and infinitely portable. That may as well be the motto of the forthcoming Willow breast pump, recently unveiled at a consumer technology tradeshow.

While there have been numerous innovations to pumps in the last year alone, with the addition of accompanying apps and blue tooth technology, nothing has come close to revolutionizing the breast pump like the Willow promises to do.

What’s so special about this design? Hold onto your hats, new and expectant moms, this pump is wearable.

For any woman who’s collected breast milk by pump, she knows this process is time-consuming, often painstaking, and physically constricting. Traditional pumping requires a new mom to partially undress and affix a protruding shield to each breast, with a dangling bottle or collection bag attached. With a traditional pump, there’s plenty of tubing and noise and you’re literally plugged into a machine for the duration of your session. What’s more, without the addition of a hands-free bra, a new mom doesn’t have many opportunities to multi-task.

All of these components make for long (and let’s be honest, boring) pumping sessions that, depending on a woman’s comfort level, may require a designated private space.

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Now, consider the Willow, which is set to hit the marketplace this spring: It’s a three-piece system that fits inside a bra and is designed to be quiet, discreet, and wearable. There are no extra tubes and the pump is meant to be worn beneath clothing—meaning new moms can pump and get on with everyday life. Amazing, isn’t it?

The Willow isn’t even available for purchase and already moms the nation over are singing its praises (count us among them!). And all of that celebration is not without cause: It’s about time someone considered making this life-changing device fit into the active and busy lifestyle of many a new mom.

When your new baby arrives, will you be springing for this wearable breast pump? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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