What happens if you can’t breastfeed?


From the moment we discover we’re expecting, it’s safe to say we want he best for our babies. And once our little ones are here and in our arms, our desire to protect them grows exponentially.

Every woman has heard of the benefits that a mother’s milk can provide for an infant. However, women who are unable to breastfeed may struggle with the feeling that they’re depriving their babies and negatively affecting their infants’ abilities to grow up strong and healthy.

Still, new mothers in this predicament should realize they’re not alone. In fact, Women’s Healthcare Topics reports that only 66 percent of women wind up breastfeeding and less than a quarter of those ladies do so for more than six months. Every new mother should take comfort in the fact that there are millions of other women in the same situation.

In the end, those who have recently entered mommyhood should make sure they don’t go crazy with worry.

“Good parenting is more than breastfeeding,” Jan Barger, an international board certified lactation consultant, told BabyCenter.com.

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