Which celebrity mom went down a waterslide while expecting?


Would you go watersliding when your due date was just a few months away? Elsa Pataky recently stirred up a flurry of commentary as photos of her doing just that during her vacation in St. Barts circulated online. You might not see much wrong with an innocent trip down this inflatable water toy, but her mother and husband, Chris Helmsworth, have had to pull the reins on some of her more precarious ideas.

In an interview with Hello! Magazine, the Spanish beauty shares, "I'm pregnant and I say, 'But I can't go surfing? Are you sure I can't go horseriding or on the motorbike?' I've always been like that. I like risk." Thankfully there's someone around to help her slow down a bit, at least until the baby arrives.

Helmsworth, a rising star thanks to his role in Thor, and Pataky, who starred in Fast Five, married in December 2010 and this will be their first child together. Even though pregnancy hasn't impelled Pataky to change up her daring lifestyle, it has affected her eating habits. The starlet admitted that she's been craving sweets, hamburgers, French fries and popcorn – foods she would rarely even consider before.

The baby is due in the spring, giving the father-to-be just enough time to brush up on his Spanish skills. Pataky let him know ahead of time that she plans to speak only in her native tongue with the child. That's not to say he doesn't have a long list of other responsibilities to take care of. The actor is among the cast of the soon-to-be released Snow White and the Huntsman and his character Thor will be included in the epic hero film The Avengers. 

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