You know you’re expecting a baby if…


Here are 11 strange, laughable, and totally feasible signs you have a baby on the way:

1. You enter a room and the first thing you do is frantically scan it for a trash bin – just in case a wave of nausea should strike.

2. Similarly, any time you visit a new office building, shopping center, or home, you automatically pinpoint where the restrooms are. After all, you need to pee almost every minute and you won’t have time to wait around for directions.

3. Between your burgeoning bump and the collection of pillows you’ve amassed to support you, your partner hardly has room in bed to sleep. Does he dare complain about it though? Not on his life.

4. Your cubicle floor is littered with the pens you’ve dropped, but are too exhausted to bend down and pick up.

5. For the first time in your life you look forward to a trip to the doctor’s office. Pee in this cup? Gladly! Slip into this blood pressure cuff? With pleasure! You relish any moment that reassures you baby is growing and developing just fine.

6. You’re so hungry you can’t see straight, but every food option you can think of sends you running to the toilet.

7. You catch yourself checking out mentally during conversations and work meetings, daydreaming of pancakes, spaghetti, and pretty much any simple carb known to womankind.

8. You keep a stash of plastic bags, breath mints, and hand sanitizer in your car’s glove compartment just in case you get a whiff of something that makes you want to lose your lunch.

9. Your idea of a good workout becomes rolling over in bed successfully or heaving your ever-growing body off the couch.

10. Just the thought of taking your bra off at the end of the day makes you want to cringe because your chest is so sore.

11. Everything – and we mean it – literally everything makes you cry. Be it an insurance commercial or a greeting card, if it doesn’t leave you a blubbering mess, it’s making you ravenously hungry.

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