Happy Valentine’s Day!


We are best friends. We are sparring partners. Nobody gets me like he does. He has given me infinite freedom to explore myself and never held me back from anything, always supporting me, always listening.

My parents always told me that the worst times in their 25-year marriage came after I was born—eight years into it. They almost split.

I know children break some marriages. But not ours. We are stronger than ever.

Because when I look at my children, I see their father—my best friend. I see this person who knows me better than anyone else. He is my partner and I feel so privileged to share my life and my children with this man.

I love being a family and I love him more as a father than I ever did just as a husband. I don’t need an excuse to tell him I love him, but I will take one anyway.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Someday I hope my children get this lucky in love.

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