New Year, Fresh Slate

Rob and I are not the best adults.

In addition to a myriad of professional and family obligations, we also have a vast number of personal interests that often keep us from our real responsibilities. Most of the time, I let a one hour run trump just about anything else in my life, including paying bills or cleaning.

This means a lot of stuff does not get done. All that ends now. We are the parents and that means we stop letting parking tickets, taxes and bills accrue interest because we were too lazy to open the mail and instead put it into a “to be filed” bin, which functions more as a holding place for future trash.

We spent the last weekend of his 10-day break (it was bliss having him home) reorganizing our home, the way we file and pay bills and scheduling weekly family meetings to go over the to-do list for the week, divvy up chores and plan our weekly menus.

We also joined Costco, which I am hoping will help us save some money by buying in bulk. Whole Foods has tried to steal our savings for the last time.

Every January 1st, I promise myself that things will change and more often than not, they don’t. But in this case, we have a workable action plan and a set of shiny new files. We have a new wall mounted letter bin and a chalkboard for menu planning. Our weekly family meetings are Sunday night after the kids are in bed. In short, we have an action plan. And isn’t an action plan like ¾ of the battle? Let’s hope so. Because this is the direction I want our family to go.

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