Nursing Activities

After my first baby was born, I spent a lot of time nursing in front of the TV. With a second, it is not as easy. And since many of us ladies are masters of the multi-task, I have devised a top 10 list of the things you thought you could not do, but actually can while nursing list. I have tried—and almost mastered—all of them.

Here goes:

1.) Read an entire book to a toddler—5 times!

2.) Type an essay one handed.

3.) Email work and friends via iphone (this one-handed device is especially helpful)

4.) Read an actual adult book if you catch 3 seconds to yourself.

5.) Feed a toddler lunch, breakfast, dinner or a snack.

6.) Watch your kid at the park—bonus points if you can actually stand on the equipment while keeping the other kid latched.

7.) Make play-doh cutouts.

8.) Drop cookie dough onto a baking sheet (seated at a table)

9.) Chop veggies (seated at a table)

10.) Return phone calls

I am a big believer in trying to live my life while the little man gets his grub on. It is not easy, but after a few months—and a few Boppys strategically placed throughout the house—you find you can do just about anything and keep the baby latched at the same time.

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