Ups and Downs

Last week at this time I was losing my mind.

Both kids were being treated for pink eye, I was struggling to drum up the bare minimum in freelance work, it was cold and dreary, my husband was laid off with no signs of local job availability and my daughter had gone—seemingly overnight—from a sweet, albeit exhausting toddler to a screaming, thrashing sea monster for no apparent reason.

I was wondering why anyone bothered with motherhood.

Fast forward a week (and one trip to the pediatrician diagnosing a massive ear infection) and I am in a different place altogether. There is hope on the horizon for both me and my husband, our son is finally sleeping in long stretches with only one wake-up and my daughter’s behavior blip was solved with a five-day course of antibiotics.

And yesterday we gathered rocks, cleaned them and painted, glued and glittered some beautiful spring insects. Life with children is always a surprise and just when you are at the lowest point, it can unexpectedly become clear again just why you have them.

And it is those times, when the clouds clear, the sun shines in and my children are smiling and laughing that I wonder why I don’t have 10 more.

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