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Pregnancy is the most important phase in your life, so Nurture Yourself with Nurture Me.

Why Nurture Me?

  1. Nurture Me® is the highest quality Pharmaceutical Grade Omega-3 DHA Supplement to support maternal health.
  2. Nurture Me® was voted Top Health Supplement by the CPG Editor’s Choice Awards within 9 months from its launch in 2015.
  3. Nurture Me® has the highest amount of DHA (300 mg) in the tiniest size softgel and each softgel meets and exceeds the recommended DHA dose by health agencies around the world.
  4. Nurture Me® uses a highly concentrated, ultra-pure DHA Fish Oil in Triglyceride Form for easy absorption. The oil is custom-extracted in Europe using low heat to retain the DHA potency while effectively removing any contaminants.
  5. Nurture Me® is tested by a Third Party Lab, Pace Analytical and given a seal of approval that it is FREE FROM: Heavy Metals, GMO, Soy, Additives, Preservatives, Artificial Colors and Flavors.
  6. Nurture Me® comes in smart pharmaceutical blister strip packaging. All our softgels are individually blister packaged to retain purity, reduce oxidation and increase stability.  Unlike bottled fish oil products you won’t get a fishy odor every time you open the bottle because our softgels are individually wrapped in blister foil.
  7. Nurture Me® is made with DHA oil extracted in Europe and then encapsulated and packaged in USA in GMP and NSF certified facilities.
  8. Nurture Me® fish oil is encapsulated in Fish Gelatin and no bovine or porcine animal parts are used in our product.
  9. Nurture Me® is developed by a Mom for Moms and Mom-To-Bes and not by some assembly line brand manufacturer.
  10. Nurture Me® is backed with a 100% money back guarantee. Love it or return it, no questions asked.

Why Omega-3 DHA is vital during and after pregnancy?

Over 12 dozen studies show that adding DHA to your pregnancy diet, through eating fatty fish and/or supplements, helps to support your baby’s growing brain, vision, nerves, healthy weight, immunity and motor skills. It is also a vital nutrient for women to maintain healthy blood pressure, positive mood, significantly reduce preterm birth rates and replenish vital DHA lost during pregnancy and lactation. Our high concentration oil from Europe allows us to deliver the maximum amount of DHA (300 mg) in the tiniest softgel. Try it to see why Mom’s all around the nation love our no-fishy-odor high quality Fish Oil Supplement.

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