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I have an obsession with bags.  Not purses, but bags.  Since I became a mom, the obsession has grown into diaper bags, day trip bags and smaller bags to organize all of the stuff that goes into diaper bags.  This obsession just got real once I got the Day Tripper bag from Birdling!

First of all, this bag is beautiful.  Like really, truly beautiful.  I have the driftwood grey color and wow, the colors are stunning!  The hot pink on the bottom and on the handle is a real standout.  As well as being one of the prettiest bags I now own, it’s so well made!  Right away you just know that you will have this bag for a very, very long time.  It’s an extremely well made piece.  On top of all this, the bag is actually useful.  It’s a fairly large bag, not diaper bag size.  It’s made exactly for its namesake, a day trip.  I used it a few weekends ago for a beach day and loved the functionality of it.  It has a large removable, zipper pocket on the inside which held all of our snacks perfectly.  The rest of the space was taken up by towels, sun products, bathing suits, extra clothes, hats, diapers, wipes and sand toys and there was a little space for all of the sand that the kids put in the bag!   We have an airplane trip coming up soon and I plan on using it as a carry all onto the plane.  It would hold snacks, games, extra clothes and whatever else you need for a flight very well.

As much as I do like this bag, it would be nice to have a zipper on the top.  There is no way to close the bag.

I would highly recommend any bag from Birdling to anyone.  They are quality pieces that will age well and always look classic.  It’s so great to have something that looks as good as it is functional!

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