Katebaby Organic Cotton Pajamas – Review

My kids love hanging out in their PJs and since I have them eat breakfast before getting dressed, in an effort to keep their clothes clean just a few minutes longer, we go through many sets of PJs a week. Because we are such PJ experts, I was excited to try the new offering by Katebaby. These PJs …

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Babiators introduces Swim Goggles for awesome underwater adventures

Just in time for summer, we tried the new Babiators Submariners Swim Goggles. We already have two pair of the Babiators sunglasses which we absolutely love, so trying the goggles was a no-brainer. The swim goggles are more of a mask than goggles. This is great for younger swimmers, like my two …

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JJ Cole Essentials Blanket Review

For a couple years now, we have used and loved the JJ Cole BundleMe on our stroller, so I was really excited to try another one of their products: the Essentials Blanket.  To start, let’s be clear: this is not a warm, fuzzy blanket.  But that’s definitely not a bad thing, because it …

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Prince Lionheart weePOD® basix Potty Seat Review

My daughter has been potty trained since she was 18 months, which is amazing and I’m really grateful.  But perhaps I’m greedy – I want more.  I really don’t like cleaning the ”little potty” and won’t consider her fully trained until she can complete …

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Babiators Sunglasses – Review

Both kids loved trying their new Babiators sunglasses this week.  There is so much to love about these glasses for both the babies and the moms.  The first thing you notice is how stylish they look.  Most kids sunglasses that we have tried are cheap, plastic, ill-fitting, and adorned with some …

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Snapper Rock UV50+ Swimwear – Review

We just tried out our new swimwear from Snapper Rock at our local water park. My daughter, a swimwear aficionado, wore a one-piece swimsuit with a matching short sleeve rash guard and my son wore board shorts with a matching long sleeve rash guard. We all loved the suits and received a few …

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Skip Hop Grab&Go Stroller Organizer

I have a confession to make – I have four strollers (and two kids). I’m not really sure how it happened, but it did. I make myself feel better by saying we actually use them all, and we do. But lately, I’ve gotten tired of moving all the “necessities” from stroller to stroller so that …

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Review: NurturMe Meals and Snacks

My baby and I tried NurturMe’s new Dry Meal Pouches. I’m generally DIY when it comes to baby food, but there are certain times when convenience demands something a bit faster and more portable. I love the idea of these pouches – dried organic fruits, veggies, and grains that you …

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Skip Hop’s new Moby non-slip bath mat

Bath time is fun time every night at our house. My 2.5 year old has been enjoying her nightly bath routine since birth and really enjoys her playtime in the tub. When she was ready for the big tub, we ordered a boring, non-descript rubber mat to cushion the tub for when she was laying down and not …

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Ameda’s NEW Nursing Bra

It is so difficult to find a nursing bra that is comfortable yet supportive and functional at the same time. The nursing bra from Ameda is all that and more. First, and most importantly, it is really easy to wear. The material is a seamless super soft microfiber fabric - it was never itchy or too …

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