Combi F2 Stroller

When it comes to compact and lightweight, my go-to brand is Combi. Originating in Japan, Combi designs with space-constraint and travel concerns top of mind. Their F2 Stroller is a recent addition to their line, and it does not disappoint when it comes to delivering high performance in an ultra streamlined form, which is ideal for those of us who don’t want a large stroller parked in our homes or who like to get out and about with little bulk.Great for public transportation and travel, …

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Buyers Guide
MSRP: Snap $249.99, Snap4 $279.99Valco Baby’s Snap line sets a new standard for comfort, maneuverability and portability in a compact stroller. Combining an ultra-lightweight frame with all of the features parents expect to find on a full-service stroller, the Valco Baby Snap is perfect for travel, every day errands in and out of the car and getting around town. Both the three-wheel Snap and four-wheel Snap4 feature large, roomy seats with built in support, full coverage canopies …

Bugaboo Bee3 Bassinet and Stroller

Bugaboo, long considered a top choice in strollers, introduces the Bee3 as the third generation of their compact, lightweight urban stroller that makes taking to the streets fun and easy. True to their reputation, this Bugaboo is high quality, customizable and a pleasure to use from birth through age 3.One of the biggest draws to Bugaboo strollers are how highly versatile they are. The Bee3 transforms from bassinet to stroller and gives you the freedom to choose colors for various …

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Urbini Hummingbird Lightweight Stroller

In a world of big, fancy, multi-featured strollers, I’m always still on the lookout for the perfect, simple umbrella stroller that I can conveniently take with me wherever I go. Urbini offers a great candidate with their Hummingbird Lightweight Stroller.Weighing less than 7 pounds (lighter than many newborns!), the Hummingbird still manages to pack in all the comfort and utility of much larger strollers.  It has a roomy, padded seat that holds kids up to 50 pounds – enough to last you …

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Joovy TooFold Stroller – a convertible sit-and-stand

The Joovy TooFold Stroller is my new favorite stroller with a creative mechanical design that makes it extremely versatile.  This innovative stroller starts as a single stroller and expands its wheelbase to reveal a ride-on board for accommodating a second child. It comfortably holds both children when in use, but also quickly folds up compactly to a standing position – a huge benefit for storing at home, as well as for situations where you just want to get the stroller out of the way (think …

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Review: Mutsy Evo Stroller

MSRP $399 (optional bassinet for $189 more) BIRTH TO 33 LBS (with bassinet), 3 MONTHS TO 55 LBS (with stroller seat)WEIGHS 25 LBSThe Evo, from Dutch brand Mutsy, is the Cadillac of strollers. While not terribly small and certainly not the lightest, it delivers on performance with the smoothest ride of the strollers tested. Large rear wheels, a sophisticated suspension system and ball bearings on all wheels make transporting your child nearly effortless. Honestly, there is so …

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Review: Bloom Zen Stroller

MSRP $7996 MONTHS TO 44 LBS (from birth with the Bloom Yoga Newborn Nest or an infant car seat)WEIGHS 20 LBS.The Zen catches your eye with bold, playful colors and draws you in with highly thoughtful features. The smallest-folding all-terrain stroller, this full-sized stroller packs down to a teninch width that makes it easy to stow in the trunk of a Mini. To achieve its compact fold, the seat’s breathable, UV-coated fabric can be unhooked from the frame and folded. The …

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Review: Orbit Baby Stroller Stroller System G2

MSRP $940 (Travel System G2), $780 (Stroller G2)TRAVEL SYSTEM: BIRTH TO 30 LBS; STROLLER G2: BIRTH TO 40 LBS. WEIGHS 16 LBS (stroller frame), 10 LBS (infant car seat)Orbit Baby’s Stroller Travel System G2 is a modular system that consists of a stroller base and an infant car seat. You can later transition to a stroller seat or opt for the Stroller G2 package that skips the car seat and moves straight to the stroller seat/stroller base combination. The stroller base accepts …

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Review: Joovy Zoom 360

MSRP $269.993 MONTHS TO 75 LBS (from birth with an infant car seat) WEIGHS 26.8 LBSThe Zoom 360 provides all the features of a good jogging stroller with some nice details to enhance the strolling or jogging experience for both you and your child. An oversized canopy keeps your child well protected from sun and wind, while a mesh back provides excellent ventilation and a clear view to your child when the seat is fully reclined. In the upright position, your child will love the …

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Review: BOB Revolution SE Stroller

MSRP $4498 WEEKS TO 70 LBS (from birth with an infant car seat)WEIGHS 25 LBSWith shocks, a front fork and a quick release wheel, the Revolution SE was built for performance. However, don’t be intimidated. You can adjust the settings on this stroller with ease. A sliding knob at the rear of the stroller lets you quickly adjust the shocks, and a tracking knob above the front wheel lets you tune the alignment.This stroller has plentiful storage with an undercarriage …

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Review: Cybex Ruby Stroller

MSRP $1496 MONTHS TO 55 LBS (from birth with the Cybex Aton or other infant car seats)WEIGHS 12.9 LBSThe Ruby is both lightweight and sturdy, combining an aluminum frame with mesh material that provides great ventilation and visibility. The large canopy extends both out and down for increased protection and can be rolled up in back to increase airflow.The machine washable seat has two positions that are determined by where you hook the seat to the frame. These …

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