Bravo for 2 Stroller from Chicco


The Bravo for 2 Stroller from Chicco is a two passenger standing and sitting quick-fold stroller that works with Chicco’s KeyFit system. The quality and design consideration set this double stroller apart from the rest.

What I like about the Bravo for 2 Stroller

Easy accommodation of two children

The seats are roomy, even for a 5-year-old in the rear. And if the rear child wants to stand, the seat folds up—which is also ideal for accessing storage underneath—and there are hand-holds, so the rear child does not have to hold onto the back of the seat in front. The well-padded front seat has a slight recline and a five-point harness, great for toddlers. The front seat can also house the KeyFit car seat for infants. Lots of options!

One hand fold

Because of the handle location in the middle of the stroller, this item is well balanced and really is possible to fold holding a baby in the other arm. This has not been the case for other strollers I’ve seen. However, once folded, it doesn’t have a latch to keep it contained. It doesn’t pop open too much (it is freestanding when folded), but if you grab it by the wrong part while loading or unloading, you may find yourself holding an open stroller.


Compared to other two seater strollers, this one is a dream to maneuver on sidewalks. It offers a much smoother ride than ones with smaller wheels. And it works well for a variety of heights pushing it—I’m pretty tall but never once kicked the back of the stroller. Note: however, it isn’t meant for off-sidewalk use. We attempted a shortcut through a muddy park field and regretted it.

What I would change


This stroller provides lots of coverage for the child in front, and is very adjustable. But if the child in back is very tall, he or she will bump their head on the canopy. The canopy is also the only hindrance to a quick fold. You need to remember to close it up tight.

Child tray

The front tray must be removed completely to get a child in and out of the front seat—though my toddler has learned how to slide underneath it. I wish it swiveled open instead. And, the cup holders aren’t quite deep enough to keep a sippy cup from bouncing out while moving.

Overall, this is really the most comfortable dual-ride stroller of this configuration that I’ve seen on the market. Definite bonuses for a large storage area under the seats and a great zipper pocket in the handle for parents. I would definitely recommend for city families or families with a medium-size trunk.

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