Joovy Groove Ultralight Stroller


The Groove Ultralight ($199) is a lightweight, portable stroller which is low-tech but very well designed. The pieces fit together easily and it was a breeze to assemble. 

The steering is excellent, making for a comfortable ride for the child and a comfortable walk for the adult. I highly recommend it as a city-street stroller. It has a smoother ride than most other urban strollers I have tested. 

Of all the foldable, portable strollers I’ve tried, this one has the largest (widest) and most comfortable seat. It will easily accommodate a big kid so it’s perfect for long walks when an older toddler may need to rest at some point. The seat reclines fully, which is very nice for naps. You can adjust it to any recline between fully upright and flat, giving the most flexibility.

Quality features

There are many nice features about this stroller. There is a big canopy, providing ample shade for the child. There is also a very convenient mesh cup holder on the side of the seat. This is a great place to store an easily accessible bottle or sippy cup.  Also, there are two foot brakes, one on each rear wheel. This helps ensure a complete stop for the stroller—no rolling. There is a big basket underneath, which holds a lot as you travel. And, this stroller is very light, considering how sturdy it is. It is easy to fold and easy to lift. It also has a standing fold option, which makes for great storage. It fits nicely into a trunk. What’s more, with the addition of the easy carry strap, the Groove Ultralight is practically made to transport. 

The one thing I don’t love about this stroller is the system for reclining the seat. It’s  a bit awkward, requiring both hands to push and pull components at the same time. The seat angle is controlled by a belt at the back of the seat. My other strollers can be reclined using one hand, which I prefer, since I never have two free hands.

All in all, I highly recommend this stroller to any parent who wants an urban stroller for kids up to four years of age. It works well, travels well, and has few pieces to break. This is an ideal option for parents who want a stroller to stow away in the trunk of their car, as it’s small, lightweight, and portable. 

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