Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

I was delighted to test out the classic double stroller, the Joovy Scooter X2 ($279). Upon arrival, we immediately put the stroller to the test at a charity walk on the lakefront. It was a windy and rainy day and we were anxious about bringing the kids, but the Scooter X2 performed admirably. The oversized canopy top and a small blanket kept the kids dry the entire time. The storage baskets in the bottom are quite large and were stocked with extra clothing, a large diaper bag, charity giveaways, and other personal items from our group. We used it on all kinds of terrain: pavement, wet grass, gravel, and up and down on curbs. The wheel brake mechanism is a large foot step bar that locks both rear wheels. This is a design improvement over the individual wheel locks which can be kind of clumsy. It provides security but is also quick to lock and release.

Great features

I was slightly concerned about maneuvering the double stroller at a crowded event but the Scooter X2 sits fairly upright and is surprisingly easy to turn. My husband loves that the stroller’s handle sits up tall so he doesn’t have to hunch down to push it like he does with our other strollers. We also have a single, large stroller that is considerably longer than this double model. The length makes turning in a crowd much more difficult. Though the Scooter X2 is wide, the lack of clearance needed made negotiating the crowd much better than expected.
This model is a nice balance between our large single stroller and our small umbrella stroller. The large stroller is heavy and bulky but has nice storage and pockets. The umbrella stroller is light and small but has zero storage for snacks or diapers. The Scooter X2 is light for its size, maneuverable, and has large baskets and multiple zip pockets and drink holders. The seats also recline for naps. It is very easy to fold using the one-handed grip on the center of the handlebar. At first I thought this was a bad location because I was worried about accidentally engaging the fold. But the stroller doesn’t just collapse, it glides to a fold with slight pressure.
The assembly was also fairly straightforward. It didn’t require any tools and was mostly inserting the wheels. Overall we’re really happy with this double stroller. It’s more functional than our single strollers and combines some of the best features of both.

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