Breastfeeding myths—BUSTED!

September 04, 2013 by

Breastfeeding myths—BUSTED!

As with a lot of things involving pregnancy and babies, there are a lot of crazy ideas about breastfeeding. Here are a myths few along with the real story.

MYTH #1: Taking a breastfeeding break helps you produce more milk.

THE TRUTH: The more you breastfeed, the more milk your body makes. So, if your baby sleeps through a feeding during the day, you may produce more milk that night. If baby still doesn’t take that full portion, pump the extra ounces and store it. Otherwise you risk having lower milk production the next day.

MYTH #2: Formula-fed babies sleep longer.

THE TRUTH: They may sleep for the occasional longer stretch, especially when they’re newborns, but nighttime feedings average about the same for formula- fed and breastfed babies.

MYTH #3: If you’re breast- feeding your baby, you can’t give him a bottle.

THE TRUTH: Not so. The difference between sucking a bottle and suckling a breast to feed is pronounced enough that babies aren’t likely to experience so-called “nipple confusion.” In fact, one of the best ways for Dad to bond with baby is for him to take on a specific feeding every day. Many moms like to pump in the early evening, prepare a bottle for Dad to give baby, and hit the sack. Dad can use that milk for the 11:00 p.m. feeding, and mom can get some rare continuous ZZZs.

MYTH #4: If your baby eats a lot, it means he’s not getting enough to eat.

THE TRUTH: Most newborns need to eat every two to three hours for the first weeks, but it should taper off after that.

MYTH #5: Breastfeeding can prevent pregnancy.

THE TRUTH: Not true. Sometimes breastfeeding will delay a woman’s period after baby’s born, but it is not a reliable method of birth control.

 Breastfeeding myths—BUSTED!

 Breastfeeding myths—BUSTED!

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