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Pregnancy brings a million changes to one’s body, the most obvious of which is a growing and stretching belly. During my first pregnancy, I didn’t think too much about it until suddenly the stretching skin became unbearably itchy and I began slathering a million different creams on it in an attempt to sooth the irritation and keep away any stretch marks. (an exercise that proved futile, since none of the skincare creams I used seem to sink deeply enough into my skin and my genetic propensity for stretch marks left me with a striped belly).

 This time around, the Boppy Bloom Skincare Collection came to the rescue. Created with the highest quality ingredients and without additives, this collection includes four unique products to help moms-to-be and nursing moms with their pre and post-natal skincare: the Stretch Mark Cream, the Renewing Body Oil, the Whipped Belly Butter, and the Soothing Breast Balm – all in the same White Citrus Shea scent, except for the breast balm which is scent free.

The details

My favorite product of the bunch, hands down, is the Renewing Body Oil, which is a non-greasy oil that can be used all over the body and absorbs quickly. It moistens dry skin perfectly, but doesn’t leave behind any greasiness or fear of staining your clothes. It uses the perfect amount of White Citrus Shea scent, leaving you smelling fresh without the scent being overwhelming. I’m also pleasantly surprised at how well it’s kept my belly itch-free, especially compared to the hordes of creams I tried during my last pregnancy. I haven’t had nearly as much irritation and, thus far, no new stretch marks!

 The Stretch Mark Cream and the Whipped Belly Butter are just as successful in keeping my belly irritation free, although they seem slightly heavier scented, which I don’t love. Once applied, I tend to smell the scent for a good long while, which becomes a bit much – especially while pregnant. As someone with way too many allergies, though, I do really appreciate the relatively short and readable ingredient lists and the thick quality of the creams.

 While I haven’t given birth yet and so haven’t needed to use the Soothing Breast Balm (a 100 percent natural and lanolin-free formula that gives relief from sore or cracked nipples), I’ve opened the bottle and applied it just to see what I think of the quality and I’m obsessed with how natural it smells and how moist and slick it leaves my skin. I have no doubt it’ll be exactly what I’ll need when I begin nursing again.

 In all, the collection seems perfect for any newly pregnant mama and I appreciate how each product within the collection focuses on a different need.

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