Abiie Beyond Junior Y Chair


My husband, baby daughter, and I share a shoebox-sized apartment. The very thought of excess baby items crowding up our limited space makes me feel as though the walls are closing in.

So we hit a dilemma as soon as our little one started eating solids. We needed a place for her to eat safely and comfortably—but we didn’t want to spend money on a bulky, ugly highchair that would only work for a short while.

Then I received the opportunity to test-drive the Abiie Beyond Junior Y Chair for review and it was as if the Heavens opened and a choir of angels started singing.

The transforming highchair

This highchair, which retails for $189, is a transforming dream, holding baby from first bites into adulthood with a few configurations. Now, when my daughter is still learning to eat, we have the use of a snap-off and dishwasher-safe tray (talk about easy cleaning!) and a five-point harness to keep her safe. As she grows, we’ll have the option to remove the tray, switch to a three-point harness, and slide her right up to the table to eat with us. Later, we’ll reconfigure the chair again and use it as a traditional dining chair.

Yes, you heard that right: the Beyond Junior Y Chair can be used as a regular dining chair—and can even sit a full-grown adult. For a family who literally doesn’t have space for single-use items, this highchair is a great addition to our home.

The chair, with its modern wooden design, looks sleek and sophisticated, fitting in well with our kitchen and dining room furniture. Unlike with standard plastic highchairs, I don’t feel the need to hide the chair when guests come over to visit. Our little one is cozy and supported in our Beyond Junior Y Chair and tolerates sitting in her chair throughout mealtimes.

Although we have not used this chair for adults it is nice to know that when needed I have extra seating for family members or friends. As an adult, I wouldn’t want to sit in this chair for an extended period of time. For an adult this chair is more like a barstool than a comfortable kitchen chair. Overall, we love this chair for our daughter and would recommend it to anyone looking for a practical yet stylish highchair that will last for years.

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