Aquasana Filter Water Bottle Review


Earlier this summer, 26 public schools in Chicago tested positive for dangerous levels of lead in their tap water. Public parks closed down water fountains after they, too, were found to have high levels of lead. No one wants to see a Flint, Michigan-style crisis again, where scores of children were poisoned by their own drinking water.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, there’s no safe level of lead to consume. For pregnant women and children 6 years old and younger the threat of harm from lead poisoning is exponentially higher. And yet, as cities such as Chicago and Flint have shown, regulating lead consumption through tap water can be tough to control.

Enter the Aquasana Filter Water Bottle to the rescue.

The Aquasana bottles feature professional-grade filters that promise to remove over 99 percent of bacteria, chlorine, and lead from your tap water.

The company offers three types of personal water bottles with attached filters. They were generous enough to supply me with two 22-ounce, BPA-free plastic bottles with silicone sleeves for review.

For weeks now, my toddler and I have been toting our bottles everywhere. They’re lightweight and easy enough for a little one to manipulate. But be forewarned, if your child is fond of tossing things, this bottle will leak and the filter does pop off, requiring you to screw it back in before drinking.

For a pregnant or nursing mom, the Aquasana offers great peace of mind: A small, replaceable filter attaches to the inside of the cap, so that every sip you take is guaranteed to be as pure as possible.

Take it anywhere—from work to homeand you’ll rest easy knowing you’re drinking the best water for your developing baby.

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