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Summer is finally here and we are ready to hit the beach!

Staples when going out in the sun now includes our baby’s favorite pair of sunglasses – Babiators. We are always so concerned about protecting baby’s skin and never leave the house without sun screen and hat. However, what about baby’s eyes? The UV rays from the sun are only getting stronger and stronger that their eyes need protection too. Just like many body parts, baby’s have fewer natural protections and so need the additional coverage.

I found Babiators compared to other baby sunglasses safer, more durable, and of course more stylish.

They are safer because the shades are shatter-resistant and the plastic is BPA free.

They are more durable because of the flexible rubber frames that don’t easily break when baby bends them, drops, them or even bites them.

And, take a look at my baby. The shape and colors that the Babiators come in are definitely a lot more stylish than the alternatives you find out there.

Babiators come in two sizes: Ages 0-3  and Age 3-7+. They come in 10 different colors.

Baby Lily is featured wearing size Age 0-3 in White.



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