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With the overwhelming number of baby bottles currently out there in the market, it is difficult for moms to make a decision on what is best for her baby. Couple that with baby’s preferences results to hour -long conversations with fellow moms on what works.

Born Free baby bottles are best known for their natural and controlled flow – ActiveFlow (TM) Venting Technology – that is similar to breastfeeding. They are BPA and PVC free too – which is an added bonus. They also produce accessories such as bottle cleaners and pacifiers.

This review will be for the Classic Bottle, Deco Bottle, and Glass Bottle lines, as well as the Tru-Clean Bottle Cleaning System.

Classic Bottle – the first and most basic line. They are light enough for a 6-month old to hold on their own, especially with the grooves on 2 sides of the bottle making it easier for baby to grasp. The nipples are not as soft as other bottles, but still soft and cushy enough for inside baby’s mouth.  There are four parts to this bottle once you unscrew the top: the white and clear parts that help control the flow and make the seal, then the nipple and screw cap. The white flow control contraption includes a rubber lining that goes around its rim, which is key for keeping air out, eliminating any reasons for additional gas for babies that have colic. It also helps keep another moving part of the bottle from slipping off when not properly screwed on. The slow flow of liquid through the bottle works well with newborns

Deco Bottlethis line is Eco-Friendly due to their ability to be recycled. They are also decorated very simply giving it a different look than the classic. It has the exact same features as the Classic line and also works very well for feeding newborns. The only negative aspect of this product is the plastic’s thickness – it is thicker than the Classic, which makes it take a bit longer to warm up milk – not ideal for hungry, crying babies.

Glass Bottle – if you prefer to use glass over the plastic, this in my opinion should be your only option. While it is a little heavier than the plastic versions due to the glass, it is easier to clean and dries a lot quicker than the plastic versions. All its features are the same as it’s plastic counterparts and everything except the bottle is pretty much identical to the Classic and Deco versions. To help make it a safe bottle, you can purchase silicon sleeves  (the 3-pack comes with 1) which make the glass a soft and less slippery grasp. The silicon sleeve is also a nice addition with its cut outs that allow you to see how much milk is left in the bottle.

Tru-Clean Bottle Cleaning System – I love that this is a sponge vs. a brush. The sponge does detach from the handle which makes it easier to replace once needed instead of having to purchase a whole new system. The sponge has a folded bottom making its cleaning surface maximized at the bottom of the bottle – much better than the brushes which I feel only get to clean certain parts of the bottom vs. a nice clean sweep. This brush also has a nipple cleaner at its opposite end which fits nicely with the Born Free nipples.

We like using the Glass bottle for feeding baby, but prefer the Deco line for when we want to teach baby how to hold her own bottle.

For us, Born Free is comparable to Dr. Brown’s bottles and what you end up with is all based on what baby prefers.

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