Mii Sophie la Girafe Baby Bottles


It’s easy to get stuck using what we are familiar with, but I’m glad I tried something new when it comes to the Mii Sophie la Girafe Baby Bottles. Before my baby was born I was given a bunch of hand-me-down Life Factory bottles and also had some Medela bottles that went along with my breast pump. So when I started using Mii, I couldn’t help but compare them to what I had used previously. And guess what? Mii has ended up being our go-to and most often used baby bottles. Here’s why:

First off, all of the Mii bottles have a much wider mouth/opening than other bottles. This is key, as I had to start supplementing with formula due to various reasons. Before, putting formula in a bottle with a narrow mouth always resulted in spills (like most moms I’m often holding my baby and trying to do everything with one hand). These spills become expensive over time because formula is so costly! So with the Mii bottle’s wider mouth, I can easily pour formula while my curious child tries to “help.”

The Baby Bottles Even Baby Will Love

Another thing that we like about the Mii bottles is that they are much easier for my son to hold himself. At ten months he always wants to do things himself. Especially when it comes to eating and drinking. The 4-ounce glass bottle for $11.99 is nice and squat and doesn’t need to be tipped back as far for him to get a drink. And although it is made out of glass, it doesn’t break when dropped, as my son has graciously proved over and over again. The 9-ounce bottle for $10.99 is also nice, light and user-friendly due to being made out of medical grade silicone. We love to use this bottle when we are going out for a few hours and need to have a larger amount of milk to keep my little man satisfied on our adventures.

As for the bottle nipples, I noticed right away that they feel much more durable then the other nipples we have used.  I started out trying the 3 month+ nipples for my son but realized quickly that I really need to use the 9 month + nipple due to his ability to chug milk quickly. The cool thing about Mii nipples is that they are designed to be similar to a mother’s nipple, which makes switching back and forth from breastfeeding to bottle much easier. Perfect for our situation. For a mere $6.99 you can get a two pack of nipples that will last a very long time. Just make sure that you push the nipples flush against the ring of the lid all the way around when inserting, or they will leak. Once I figured this out I was good to go.

Lastly, the 2-in-1 cleaning brush for $7.99 is worth your buy whether you decide to try the bottles or not. Seriously, this cleaning brush can be used for all of your bottles and now I use it for Sippy cups and other baby toys as well. My favorite part of this product is the little brush that screws into the handle of the main brush.  This little brush is great for cleaning inside the nipples.  Before I was using soap on my pinky finger so this is clearly a more sanitary and efficient system.  Not to mention it’s just a fun and clever design.

Overall, I’m really glad I tried the Mii Sophie la Girafe baby bottles and brush.  We are about to take a two-week vacation to Japan and these are the bottles that I’m going to bring along. I know they will work perfectly for us on the road just as they do at home.

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