Mimijumi Very Hungry Baby Bottle


When I first opened the adorable milk carton packaging of the Mimijumi Very Hungry Baby Bottle, I unscrewed the nipple from the bottle and showed it to my baby, who immediately drew it towards her mouth and started sucking. Now, admittedly she is almost 6 months old and everything goes in the mouth pretty quickly. However, by the way she started sucking on it, it did feel like she recognized the nipple shape and color immediately and she made the connection to feeding. I almost felt bad having to pull it out of her mouth since it felt like I “tricked” her into thinking she was going to eat.

With it’s sleek design and bold red colors, the Mimijumi Very Hungry Baby Bottle is modern and cool looking, and much more fun to use than a regular bottle. I love the non-skid rubberized bottom, which makes it easy to set stably on the counter and unscrew the nipple attachment, even with one hand. You do have to take off that bottom to heat up this bottle in a steam-based bottle warmer, or you might warm the milk in another bottle and transfer the milk, which is what I do. This does add an extra step, but it didn’t bother me much, especially because when I did sit down to feed my baby with the Mimijumi that very first time, she gulped down a full 7 ounces practically without stopping. She seemed to love the feel of the nipple in her mouth, and she didn’t swallow a lot of air, so she didn’t have to stop and burp midway through the feeding.

The bottle itself is made from high quality BPA free plastic, which was engineered in Switzerland.  It’s clear as glass but thin and light. I love the look of the bottle itself, and my baby loves the nipple—while I can’t ask her why, I can only assume that’s because of how closely it mimics the look and feel of my breast. I also like that it comes with a solid plastic cover that snaps on tight, so you can travel with the bottle full of liquid. Overall, the Mimijumi Very Hungry Baby Bottle is a stylish, functional, safe and fun bottle to use, and my daughter loves drinking milk from it so it’s a win-win.


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