BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Original


[amazon asin=B0009JOSNM&text=BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Original]

MSRP: $79.99

8-25 lbs

From a pioneer of soft-structured carriers for almost 40 years, the BabyBjorn Original is THE classic baby carrier. Their basic model, the Original offers comfortable support at an affordable price point. It fits newborns without additional inserts and adjusts to your child’s height with the help of a convenient measuring chart. As baby grows, she has the option of facing in or facing out to engage with her surroundings. BabyBjorn considerately keeps all fasteners located on the front of the carrier so that there’s no need to awkwardly reach behind you to put on, take off or adjust the carrier. Another great feature is the ability to unhook the entire front panel to lay your child down without having to lift her up and out of the carrier—ideal for detaching a slumbering baby. This also makes it a breeze to put baby into the carrier since you don’t need to navigate her legs into a closed carrier. The pinch-and-release buckles that attach the panel to the shoulder straps are genius, requiring only one hand to secure or disengage them. All materials meet Oeko-Tex standards, assuring that this carrier is free of harmful chemicals.


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