Babylonia Tricot Slen Organic Wrap


Babylonia graciously sent over the Tricot Slen Organic baby wrap ($69) for review and I have really enjoyed using it. The jersey knit material is super soft and I really liked the color (Anthracite Grey). It is a great neutral and works well with everything else I wear.

The Babylonia Tricot Slen provides a snug and comfortable hold while remaining easy to use. The wrap allows for several types of carrying positions, but each makes use of the same tying technique, making this one a breeze to use. Use this wrap from the newborn stage through toddlerhood (up to 33 pounds).

My favorite use was with a young baby (0-6 months) in a variety of contexts. It was great for baby wearing while doing housework (dishes, vacuuming, laundry, etc.), going for walks, grocery runs/errands, and even doing little home workouts! I also loved using this for travel. I wore it through airport security with baby inside (since it had no metal, buckles, or zippers going through the detector), which allowed me to smoothly get to the gate and keep baby happy (even sleeping once!). Then, once on the plane, since it is all cloth there were no annoying buckles digging into me when sitting down so I could wear it the full flight and even use it as a cover while breastfeeding (with strangers sitting only inches away from me on either side).

Even though I have not used it as much with an older child, I was able to comfortably carry around a 20-month-old (about 27 pounds) for short periods of time (even while pregnant). She was not as happy to be in the tighter hold that this type of carrier requires (compared to a more structured carrier or backpack), but it was nice to hold her hands free this way when she wanted to be “up” a lot!

How it compares

I have also used the Moby wrap before (very similar to this product) and just wanted to share a few comparisons. The Babylonia Tricot Slen is made from a softer material, in my opinion, and I liked the cut of it more. It is a little bit longer and narrower which allows it to wrap/tie around a larger adult or child more comfortably and you can tie the knot on the side, front, or back of your waist depending on what you prefer instead of that choice being made for you based on the length of the wrap.

All in all, this is a beautiful, comfortable wrap at an affordable price point. No regrets here.

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