Moby GO Child Carrier

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Moby GO Child Carrier

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If you loved your Moby Wrap for your newborn but lamented that you didn’t have a better solution as your child grew, you’ll be happy to learn that there’s now a Moby GO soft-structured carrier that’s made specifically for older, heavier kids.  Suited for children 15-45 lbs who have mastered head and neck control, this carrier follows in the tradition of the original wrap by providing a comfortable way to keep baby close throughout the day.  It’s designed to be worn in front with your child facing towards you, so you likely won’t use this carrier all the way up to the 45 lb maximum since older children may not enjoy being carried in this position, but you’ll still get plenty of use out of this carrier with such a generous weight limit.

We recently put the carrier to the test as my doctor finally gave me the go-ahead to carry my 2-1/2 year old daughter following the c-section birth of my son.  My daughter had been waiting for this moment for the past couple months, starting when my pregnant belly made it too awkward to carry her, so I couldn’t disappoint.  But, wow, she’s grown since I last carried her!  Luckily, the Moby GO let me fulfill my promise to carry her without having to strain myself.  This carrier is fantastic!

The wide crisscross shoulder straps do a great job of distributing your child’s weight across your shoulders and back.  I was amazed at how comfortable it was to carry my over 30-pound youngster, even when she started bouncing and dancing in glee while in the carrier.  And, it was so nice to have my hands free while carrying her!  It’s been a long time since we’ve put her in a carrier, so I had forgotten how great that is.

The canvas material is sturdy, while still feeling soft.  The carrier distributes weight primarily through the width and positioning of the straps as well as the use of a waist belt, so even though there is some padding on the belt, it’s relatively light padding, which makes this carrier comfortable even in warmer weather.   In fact, the light padding and width of the straps make this carrier feel a lot like wearing a wrap!

My daughter also looked very comfortable in the Moby GO and didn’t want to leave the carrier.  The generous room in the seat lets her naturally wrap her legs around me and the material is padded just enough at the leg holes to keep from cutting into her.

A detachable hood hides away in a pouch in the front of the carrier and can be positioned with Velcro at three different levels to accommodate growing children.  The pouch, itself, is zippered, making it a convenient place for you to also stow valuables like credit cards, ID and cash.

The carrier is easy to put on, take off and adjust with easy-to-reach straps and buckles.  Just pull the straps at your sides to tighten and lift the buckles to loosen.  The belts are a generous length, so this carrier should fit a wide range of body types without problem.

The Moby GO is available in 3 different colors for $79.95 at, Amazon and boutique retailers.  Now, Moby can fill your baby carrying needs through the duration of your baby carrying days!

 Moby GO Child Carrier

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