Onya Baby’s Pure Baby Carrier


I had the chance to try out Onya Baby’s new Pure Baby Carrier ($129) for review. I currently own a couple different carriers, but am looking for something newer that has better back support. I am currently pregnant, and I have a 2-year-old who likes to be held and carried. I felt a new carrier would help take some of the pressure off my back, and I look forward to using it for the new baby. 

When it came to my carrier hunt, I needed something with versatility. I appreciate how Onya Baby’s Pure carrier has a thick waist belt, which eases pressure off the shoulders and upper back,  allowing for a more even distribution of weight.

Perfect for hot climates

However, my favorite part of this carrier is the material. I live in Chicago, and the weather can be unpredictable on the best days. The Pure carrier is made from a very breathable mesh material, which during the hot muggy summers is going to help keep us cooler. The fabric is super easy to clean and it dries quickly, an added benefit if you get caught in the rain while outdoors. I really like that the front flap of the baby carrier rolls up to allow for more breathability, but can be recovered in case of rain. The top of the carrier folds up to cover baby’s head as well, which is also a nice feature in case of bad weather. I enjoy the outdoors, and am very active, so this is a huge benefit for me.

The only issue I really had with this carrier is the buckle clips, which are not the standard pinch-to-open clips. This carrier comes with a buckle called the WooJin doublelok, which needs to be pinched while lifting the center piece to unclip. I believe this is an extra safety mechanism, so the clips will not come undone easily.  However it takes some practice unclipping the buckles a few times to get comfortable with removing the carrier. 

All in all, the Onya Baby Pure carrier is great. I plan to buy the infant insert when the new baby is born, and look forward to using it for both my kids, big and small.

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