Finn + Emma infant/toddler pajamas


I’m always surprised at how difficult it is to find gender-neutral clothing for young children, particularly pajamas. I appreciate companies that make an effort to combat the pink sparkle/superhero stereotypes that line most children’s clothing aisles, and Finn + Emma is one such company. The modern styles and organic fabrics are a welcome change for parents looking for simple and elegant designs.

Here’s what I Love

The fabrics

We received two sets of pajamas, and although they were listed as boys’ apparel, the designs are equally suited to a young girl. The “Boat” short pajamas and the “Robot Heads” long pajamas are beautifully crafted. The material is soft, comfortable, and easily washed, with a modern design aesthetic. The long-sleeved pajamas have a slightly thicker material, making them a suitable and comfortable option for cooler weather, and the thinner material of the short-sleeved pajamas is obviously more suited to warmer months. The material is also durable and will hold up over the course of many seasons and multiple children. 

The fit

Upon opening the packages, I was convinced that both sets would be enormous on my children, but they fit perfectly. The sizing is accurate, and the fabrics appear to have some give, so they likely will be wearing these pajamas for quite some time before they outgrow them.

Eco-friendly practices

If you’re like me, and choose organic fabrics when possible, then Finn + Emma clothing is for you. They only use 100 percent organic cotton in their fabrics, as well as eco-friendly dyes. In addition, all of their products are produced in fair trade settings, with a particular focus on improving opportunities for local populations. Their overall goal is to provide stylish and sustainable products.

Here’s what I’d change 


Seriously…nothing. What’s not to love about a well-crafted product by a company with an equally fantastic mission statement? I’m sold. These pajamas are wonderful. Interested in more than just pajamas? Finn + Emma also manufactures soft, organic baby clothing and sustainable toys. 

— Maggie Gale is a preschool teacher and mom to two kids under 4, Daniel and Char. 

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