Flyby Kids Slouchy Beanie Review

I received Flyby Kids Slouchy Beanie Cap in the mail thinking it would just be another hat for my baby: cute, but not worn long or often. Let’s be serious, babies tend to hate hats. If you live in the cold Midwest like we do, this is a problem. True to form, the second I slipped it on my nine-month-old, his hands immediately went up to pull it off. Imagine my delight when he couldn’t get it off because of both the snug fit and the slick material. That reason alone suddenly skyrocketed this hat to the very top of my favorites pile.
Made out of breathable, moisture-wicking performance pique material, this beanie has the perfect amount of stretchiness to make it completely form-fitting and enough length to it to keep ears constantly protected. Unlike bulkier hats, it easily fits under the hoods of jackets and snowsuits, making it possible to keep my baby’s head cozy and warm throughout any outing. Several of my mom friends have commented on how perfect that is, since most hats get knocked off easily once hoods are pulled up. In addition, this beanie comes reversible with two fun designs on either side. When choosing which hat I wanted, I got to scroll through ten different designs, at least half of which were gender neutral. I ended up choosing an adorable bear print/plaid combination in gray. My only small complaint is that there’s a tag on one of the reversible sides (the plaid side), so I really only end up using the side without the tag. A solution to this would be if the company made the tag look like part of the design, or just put the washing instructions on a peel-off label. Despite this, the bear print is a winner and I really enjoy how the plaid peeks out from underneath.
Because of the high quality fabric, which has a soil release finish, I haven’t felt the need to wash the hat at all yet—definitely another bonus. I also love the fact that it does a great job at keeping my baby’s head warm while we’re out in single-digit weather, but because it’s breathable I don’t have to pull it off the second we step inside a warm space. Once the hat is on, my son pretty much forgets it’s there. Best of all, the hat looks stylish and cute, in a total hipster baby way!
I find myself using this hat every single day and have been happily recommending it nonstop.

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