Baby K’tan Carrier


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MSRP: $49.95  

8-35 lbs

Originally created because the founders needed a way to safely carry their special needs children, Baby K’tan provides optimum security and support with a double loop design that straddles the categories of sling, wrap and soft structured carrier. With no belts, buckles or excessive fabric, this carrier is easy to put on and is versatile with options to wear your child in cradled position, facing in, facing out, or on your hip. Note that this carrier must be sized for the wearer and cannot accommodate two adults of different proportions. So, assuming that you and your partner vary in build, you will need two Baby K’tans if you both want to take part in baby wearing. The fabric fits snugly like a tight t-shirt, and the width of the fabric easily makes up for any lack of padding by distributing weight across both shoulders and your back. A sash provides additional support when holding your child in certain positions. Made from 100% cotton, this is a very breathable ready-to-wear wrap, which does well even in warm climates. The Baby K’tan lets you easily nurse on the go and has a number of thoughtful features including the ability for the sash to flip inside out to become its own carrying pouch.

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