Baby Nari Baby Hip Hugger


Baby Nari Baby Hip Hugger

My one year old son outgrew the front baby carrier when he became mobile and my wife and I wanted the freedom to pick him up and put him down quickly and easily. My arms (and back!) were tired from carrying a 25 lbs baby all the time (he loves to be held) so when I learned of the Baby Nari Baby Hip Hugger, I immediately wanted to give it a try.

The Baby Hip Hugger looks like a big fanny pack but instead of a pack, there is a little seat where you can rest the baby. There are Velcro straps with safety buckles that you can fasten around your waist. The seat is angled towards your body, and there is a non-skid seat, to help keep your child in place. You have to hold your baby to your body at all times, but the Baby Hip Hugger distributes the baby’s weight across your body. Instead of finding awkward positions to support the baby, I’m able to maintain better posture and relieve my arms and back of the baby weight. The seat also has a tiny pocket that will fit a diaper, a small wallet and a set of keys. There is a small mesh pocket along the Velcro straps as well, where you can fit a bottle of water or milk.

All-in-all, I think the Baby Hip Hugger is a baby carrier that I’ll put to good use. The biggest challenge is remembering to put the Baby Hip Hugger on and leaving it on while I’m not holding my son. Having said that, once it’s strapped in place, it is very easy to pick the baby up and put him back down.

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