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I never thought I’d be the mom who enjoys having a fancy baby food maker, but one baby with a huge appetite later and I’m sold. Parenting is just so much easier when baby food can be made quickly and efficiently! The Beaba Babycook Pro is a sleek, countertop baby food appliance that steam cooks, blends, and reheats all-in-one, in fifteen minutes or less. It has a multi-purpose mixing blade to provide just the right texture of food and a timer that alerts you to when the meals are ready. It comes in cloud (gray), navy, latte mint (brown with touches of mint), neon (gray with lime green), and a gorgeous, limited edition rose gold.

The pros

Loving its simplicity, I requested the cloud. Not only is the color a perfect neutral, making any minimalist-wanna-be heart happy, but I’m extremely pleased with the compactness of the entire appliance. Our kitchen is pretty tiny and counter space at a premium, so I’m glad it fits in a small corner with very little fuss. The Babycook also came with a handy partitioned storage container and lid to make freezing leftovers easy, as well as a spatula that slides neatly into the side of the main appliance. Ready to cook everything and anything, I set it up eagerly.
The manual for how to use the steam and puree functions ​is a little light on details, which isn’t ideal. I’m the type of person who needs very concise directions, so I found myself a bit lost at first. Thankfully my husband came to the rescue, pointed out that I had poured the water into the wrong funnel, helped me set the device up properly, and before long we had sweet potatoes and carrots steaming away happily. The Babycook comes with a small recipe book divided by ages, which ​I really appreciated. I loved skimming through it for ideas on what sort of food to make and it was helpful knowing which vegetables are recommended for which ages​. I also really liked that the device was built in a way that it can be manipulated one-handed.

The con 

A drawback, however, is that it seems almost like it’s built for a left-handed user, making snapping in the pot not completely intuitive for us right-handed folks. I also wish that the timer had a volume control, since I completely missed it going off and realized that I had to be listening carefully to hear it. Despite these small hiccups, the appliance itself worked beautifully once I got into the groove of it​.
​ ​

The blending was quick and surprisingly quiet and the food came out ​with the perfect consistency​. Best of all, cleanup was so easy​, which is important to me since my time is pretty valuable these days. Unlike the baby bullet (which had been my go-to baby food maker), the Babycook is multifunctional, more stylish, and more compact. My husband and I have actually found ourselves using it to steam some of our own food, as well as the baby’s! Definitely a tool every mom should consider purchasing.

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