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As a mom of three, I have certainly used my fair share of gizmos and gadgets, especially when related to feeding. My thought has always been that at mealtime, I don’t have the time or patience to add anything to the chaos.  With my oldest child, I used traditional baby food feeding methods: spoon-feeding steamed and pureed veggies and fruit accompanied by a sippy cup of water. Could the BabyCup help here?

Perfect for baby-led weaning – the BabyCup

Later, after doing some more research, I introduced my second and third children to food through baby-led weaning. By following this method, you provide baby with chunks of solid food he or she can hold and explore independently. The BabyCup fits perfectly into our family’s new eating philosophy. Along with baby-led weaning, this cup provides autonomy without the extra mess that often comes with independent eating and drinking.

BabyCup is the perfect size for my little beginner eater, holding just 50 ml of liquid. By providing just a small amount of liquid in the baby size cup, my son can learn how to use an open-top cup without the mess. It is also great since I am currently breastfeeding, and it does not present any confusion between bottled breast milk and other beverages.

Unlike other baby and toddler cups, this cup provides independence without any worries about impacting baby’s teeth development (it’s actually recommended by dentists!). Traditional sippy cups push teeth and can potentially change baby’s bite, possibly requiring orthodontic intervention in the future.

The BabyCup is also visually appealing. The small translucent, baby-sized cup has thin sides and a small circumference.  It is made of colorful, BPA-free, high quality, and durable plastic. It’s dishwasher and sterilizer safe as well. Overall, I really appreciate having this cup come mealtime and definitely recommend it to other new parents looking for a sippy cup alternative.

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