Bambino Mio Potty Training Bundle


After acknowledging all the signs, I knew it could no longer be avoided. It was time to potty train. I have to admit potty training was one of my top five fears when it came to becoming a parent. But my little one was displaying all the signs—physical, emotional, and vocal. He was ready so I had to rise to the occasion.

Lucky for us we had a great guide to set us on the right path: the Bambino Mio Potty Training Bundle ($29.74) had most of what we needed to get us on our way. The bundle comes with training pants, a potty, step stool, toilet seat, chart with stickers, and a guide to help trainers. All the potty items are are in white so bathroom décor will not suffer. 

The hiccups

Unfortunately, the potty itself was too low for our little one though I can see if the child was smaller or started sooner, it would work well. I will note that is perfectly portable, a plus if you are able to use. We also had issues with the toilet seat—it was too big to fit in any of our bathrooms which I was super bummed about because the guard was shaped and height was ideal. We tried it on three toilets, two at home and one at the caretaker’s but just ended up getting another.

The stool was a great help, as it doubles in use for hand-washing and it’s super easy to clean.

The superstar 

For me the best part of the potty training kit was the potty training pants—they are simply amazing! I had a handful of training pants by Gerber, and there is no comparison. Bambino Mio’s absorbent pull-up training pants work. The water resistant layer does what it is supposed to. We used these for situations when we ventured outside a week later and were so impressed. They were not bulky or noisy and we never had any puddles or leaks. We also skipped diaper pull-ups so we used these overnight—again even with  some accidents, the training pants held up. They are machine washable and have held up with all the washing that has been done. Hands down this brand is the way to go.

I would recommend this kit to parents and caretakers alike.

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