Baby Pibu Bathtime Wash Review


Unscrew the cap of Baby Pibu’s Baby Bathtime Wash and you may just feel like you’ve opened a spa right there in your bathroom. A 2-1 tear-free, hair and body cleanser, this luxurious wash has a rich, creamy consistency and an ingredient list leaning heavily natural.

All Baby Pibu’s products carry the seal of the National Eczema Association, making this company’s line of washes and lotions a smart choice for sensitive-skinned babies. What’s more, dermatologist Dr. Amy Kim is the brains behind the company, ensuring each product is gentle, effective, and clinically proven to work well on infant skin.

This spring, the company released a larger 16 oz version of its Bathtime Wash, this time including a handy pump. Both my toddler daughter and I were delighted to take it for a test run, courtesy of the company. As my little one inches closer to 2 years old, her skin is showing signs of serious dryness. The Baby Pibu Bathtime Wash offered a welcome reprieve from dry, itchy patches. It produced plenty of bubbles in the bath (much to my daughter’s excitement), lathered really well, and left her skin feeling noticeably softer.

The Bathtime Wash has a seriously lovely smell, provided you’re a fan of lavender like I am. I was pleased to see that the wash contains real lavender oil, as opposed to a synthetic fragrance. Lavender not only has a pleasant floral smell, but it also is known for its skin-soothing and mentally calming properties. I have enjoyed pulling Baby Pibu off the shelf and filling my little one’s tub with aromatherapeutic bubbles on nights when she’s bouncing off the walls. Call me a hippie, but I really think the calming scent has a special way of ushering in bedtime.

The one downside I’ve seen? While I love the wash for bathing my daughter’s body, I am not crazy about the job it does washing her hair. In full disclosure, my kid’s hair is long and fine, so a child with a thicker or shorter mane may not have the same problem. I find that when I shampoo her hair with Baby Pibu, it looks in need of another wash by the end of the next day.

The bottom line? The Baby Pibu Bathtime Wash is a beautifully scented, gentle, and skin-soothing wash for your little one. While it may not make the best shampoo for my daughter, we’ll definitely keep it in rotation as a body wash and bubble bath.

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