Axiology Natural Lipsticks—Perfect for pregnancy


If you’re anything like me, pregnancy means eyeing every product in your makeup bag with growing suspicion. From parabens to retinols, there are ingredients aplenty that experts advise moms-to-be steer clear of.

But as much as pregnancy demands pure, clean ingredients, going bare-faced and natural isn’t an option for every expectant mom. Pregnancy hormones wreaked havoc on my skin and the fatigue left my face feeling lifeless and dull. Needless to say, I needed a pick-me-up and a little makeup magic to get me through those long nine months. But finding natural products that actually did the job well proved to be a fruitless battle.

If this story sounds familiar, I’m eager to introduce you to Axiology—a completely natural, organic lipstick company. I recently had the pleasure of test-driving three of their lipstick shades, Vibration, Philosophy, and Fundamental. To say I loved everything about these lipsticks would be 100 percent accurate, but for the sake of journalistic integrity, I’ll go into detail:  

Beautiful packaging

Let’s face it, eco-friendly and natural beauty products don’t always look beautiful themselves. I appreciate smart, simple, and pretty packaging and Axiology delivers. The lipsticks come in shiny gold tubes with a push-button release. Their outer packaging is constructed from 100 percent handmade recycled paper too.

Clean, safe ingredients (ideal for pregnancy)

Take a peek at an Axiology ingredient list and you’ll find it’s chockfull of natural and organic oils and extracts. These lipsticks, made from items such as coconut and avocado oils, are beauty must-haves that any pregnant woman or new mom can feel comfortable wearing. I’ve been keeping my three shades on constant rotation for the past week and haven’t hesitated to load my little one up with kisses. That’s how good I feel about what’s in my lipstick.

Moisturizing and foolproof

There’s nothing worse than a dry, matte lipstick—especially as we head into winter and dry, chapped lips are almost a guarantee. The Axiology products are intensely moisturizing and leave my lips feeling supple and nourished. They’re also really easy to apply, gliding on super smoothly. They have great staying power and help manage any flakes incurred from cold weather.

Color variety

The shades I chose range from a light pinky nude to deep, dark red—and I am pleased with every one of them. The online shop boasts a rainbow of lipstick hues to suit any occasion and complexion (with notes on which shades work well for different skin tones.)

For me, the Axiology lipsticks were everything I wanted in a beauty product: highly pigmented, moisturizing, safe, and easy to use. For anyone who’s short on time (I’m looking at you, new moms), these lipsticks may be the answer to your prayers. Swipe one on before running out the door and you’ll feel put together all day.  

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