Ver-Tex Crib Mattress Protector and Dri-Tec Crib Sheets by Bedgear



All parents of young children appreciate a good night’s sleep and any products that help make that happen. Bedgear Performance Bedding started in 2008 to provide better sleep products for adults. They’ve developed fabric technology to allow for greater motion while also keeping sleepers cool, dry and well ventilated. As kids are known for being restless, sweaty sleepers, it makes sense that Bedgear is now bringing their performance bedding to the younger set with a new baby collection that is being sold at Buy Buy Baby and This new line takes the fabric technology from the adult line and applies it to their new Ver-Tex Crib Mattress Protector and Dri-Tec Crib Sheets. As a parent, I’m glad to see new kids’ bedding innovation go beyond new colors and prints!

Having a good mattress protector will save you nights of drying your child’s mattress with a hair dryer while half asleep. Worry less about leaky night time diapers or night time potty training when you can just strip off the cover, replace it and send everyone back to sleep. However, don’t rush to grab the first plastic cover you find, as many can be uncomfortable, putting mattress protection over quality of sleep. The Ver-Tex Crib Mattress Protector keeps a good night’s sleep at the forefront. It’s constructed to stay cool to the touch, even as baby’s body temperature goes up. With a child prone to febrile seizures (seizures brought on when babies struggle to deal with rising temperatures before their temperature regulating systems have sufficiently matured), I’m especially intrigued by its ability to reduce chances of overheating. The mattress protector features a quilted cover that increases both comfort and airflow. This top layer is backed by a waterproof layer that keeps your mattress dry while also preventing dust mites from making their way from the mattress to your child – a nice benefit for kids prone to allergies. A power band provides a wide elastic strip along the full edge of the cover to ensure a secure and snug fit around your mattress, so it won’t slip as your child wiggles.

Beyond the mattress protector, you’ll need sheets. Luckily, Bedgear has you covered here as well. The moment you pull the Dri-Tec Crib Sheets out of their package, you’ll notice how different they look and feel from traditional crib sheets. Made from Bedgear’s temperature regulating, moisture-wicking fabric, it looks and feels more like high performance, athletic apparel than a sheet. As you would expect of your favorite running pants, it stays cool and dry, even when your baby’s body temperature runs hot. Like the mattress protector, the sheet comes with a full elastic band to help secure it around the mattress. Because the sheet is stretchy and lightweight, it makes it especially easy to pull over the mattress, which I definitely appreciate after having wrestled quite a few cotton sheets into place over the years. Sheets are available in blue, pink, cream, grey, green and white.

Both the mattress protector and sheets are hypoallergenic and fully machine washable and dryable. The Ver-Tex Crib Mattress Protector retails for $59.99, and the Dri-Tec Crib Sheets retail for $34.99. Learn more about both at

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