Belle Organic Jubilee Baby Carrier


[amazon asin=B004EPYRFG&text=Belle Organic Jubilee Baby Carrier]

MSRP: $129.95

8-35 lbs

While other carriers now come in organic fabrics, Belle led the way with the first organic line. Sporting a chic black-and-white pattern and made from 100% organic cotton with a soft, fuzzy fleece on the inside, this carrier is light on padding but still comfortable for both parent and child, due to great design. The waist belt takes strain off of the shoulders and can be adjusted, using a stainless steel ring fastener instead of a buckle. The shoulder straps criss-cross your back and fasten at your sides, so there’s never a need to reach behind your back. The pouch for holding baby is nicely cut, providing an inward or outward-facing baby with enough room to look around and wiggle without rubbing against her skin. Unlike other carriers, the Jubilee takes an additive approach, with a Velcro-attached head support to provide support to a young infant or sleeping baby. Although awkward to carry this piece separately, it does make for a better experience when baby is old enough to face out. Less material helps this carrier feel like a second skin that hugs baby tight and makes it comfortable in warm weather. It packs up compactly when not in use.

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